Concerns About Driving

Q. My parent’s driving is getting worse, even dangerous, but they refuse to give up driving their car. What should we do?”

A. Freedom is closely tied with a car and driving. Losing the ability to drive is seen as a loss of independence. It’s easier for others to see a diminishment in driving abilities. The older adult may not be aware of their reduced relaxes or less accurate vision or hearing.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Is there something getting in the way of their admitting this problem?
  • How can we help them to see the problem?
  • If they are not driving, how can they maintain some independence, get around and go where they need to, such as shopping, entertainment, etc.?
  • Who might be able to give you some ideas or help them get around?
  • Is it a physical problem with eyesight, hearing or slow reflexes?


Helpful Tips: Sitting down with dad (or mom) and explaining your concern for their safety, and the safety of others is a first step. But what if the driver says they are driving just fine. How about an independent evaluation? There are organizations that will evaluate a person’s driving skills and road safety.

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