Financal Concerns and Potential Scams

Q. “I’m having trouble keeping track of our money. It seems there’s a lot less than there used to be? What’s happening to our savings?”
A. We used to be able to take care of our money. We had a checking account and credit cards. Now companies want us to pay bills automatically, sometimes on a credit card and sometimes by the bank. We get calls and mail almost every day about donations, getting new credit cards, bankruptcy, credit fraud, and people asking for money. We find we’re confused and we don’t know who to turn to.


Questions to ask yourself:
  • Who can we talk to about our worries?
  • Who should we trust? Our children? A close friend? Our banker?
  • I worry I might be slipping. What if I forget to pay a bill? Can someone do this for us?
  • We hate to say “no” when organizations we like ask for money. We still have to save enough for us.
Helpful Tips:  Try and determine what the actual issues are. Are there physical or mental challenges that make some tasks more difficult for you? Do you have trouble writing checks? Are you forgetting when bills are due?
Is there a trusted friend, relative, or one of your children who you could sit down with and discuss these issues? Have you considered, and do you understand, what a “power of attorney” is, and how it might help you?

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