Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Q.  “We love our children and grandchildren, but we’re not prepared to care for our grandchildren and we need help.”

A. Raising children is a lot of work, even when we were younger. At this stage in our lives we’re overwhelmed. If we’re honest, our health, home and financial situation aren’t what they used to be. We want to offer the best care for children, and younger ones require different skills and abilities than teenagers do. What can often make a positive difference in both grandchildren’s and grandparent’s lives is family, friends and sometimes social service agencies working together. This is where a family meeting can play a pivotal role in the welfare of the children.

Questions to ask yourself:
  • What might we need to do this? A bigger, or remodeled, living space? More income? Some respite?
  • Who in the family might be able to help? Are there friends who might pitch in?
  • How will we work out school, social interactions, rules and emotional support for the children?
  • How might the court or social service agencies be involved?

Helpful Tips: Try to enlist help right from the beginning. As issues and concerns come up use resources that are available. There’s rarely reasons to “go it alone”. Get organized. Even if you think you’re alone, you’re not. There are more people and organizations around to help. Check with your health care providers, your county or private social service agencies, people you know, maybe your faith community

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