How it Works

Holding a family meeting?    We can help.

Sometimes family members have difficulties dealing with “aging” issues.

They may be uncomfortable talking about certain topics, not understand what’s happening, or have communication or conflict issues that must be addressed, before defining their care plan. We’re here for your family and have experience with these issues.

This is what it’s like:

It’s sitting down and talking with your family and friends. We help guide the meeting, focusing on whatever the purpose is. We assist you in putting a plan together that works for your individual situation. We address the concerns you have. We can even help you discover ideas you hadn’t considered. We’ve done this for families and individuals for a long time.

Let us help you too!

What we do:

  • Free initial consultation. We meet with you, discuss your situation, and your concerns.
  • We coordinate, organize and facilitate your meeting. Meetings are held at your convenience – days, evenings, weekends – whatever works best for your family and situation.
  • We meet with all the people you want to attend, explain our roles, the purpose of the meeting,and ask and answer questions. Our preparation work helps, when we meet.
  • Usually one meeting is enough, although occasionally we may need a second. There is no charge for a second meeting.
  • The confidential, private meeting is to help make plans for the future. The facilitators keep the meeting safe, focused, and we remain neutral.
  • We have more than 30 years experience working with families, older adults, and difficult family situations. We’ve helped families from many cultural and social situations. We can assist your family now, and show you the tools and skills that will help you in the future. We’re available before, during and after the meetings to answer any of your questions.

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