The Meeting

We Eliminate As Many Surprises As Possible

  • Meetings are held in convenient locations that are comfortable for whoever attends. We build in times for breaks, meals, and privacy.
  • We help set the agenda, based on our discussions with you, and the participants you choose to invite. We display, and discuss the agenda prior to getting started. It helps insure a good plan is developed.
  • We focus on the purpose of your meeting. History is shared. We also help you make sure information is presented and discussed before jumping to solutions.
  • Our roles include keeping the discussions focused, giving everyone a chance to speak, be heard, understood, and taking notes. The notes are posted for everyone to see. We encourage questions and clarification.
  • Your plan. After a good deal of information is shared, we begin working on putting plans, and back-up plans, together. We help you look at what could possibly de-rail your plans and build in “fixes”. You leave with the best chances for success.
  • Once the meeting is concluded we type up the notes, each person’s responsibilities and tasks, and send the participants a copy. We’re also available to answer questions after the meeting has concluded.
  • Next steps. Before everyone leaves you decide if you want a follow-up meeting, and we go over what will happen next. You can always decide, later, that another meeting is required. If so, we arrange it and there is no extra charge.

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